How to write an invitation?

Contrary to appearances, in the era of telephones and the internet, letter invitations do not go to nothing. Official ceremonies in particular require us to issue a paper version of the invitation. Many people have problems with how to write an invitation elegantly and correctly. We have some great tips for them.

How to write an invitation?

Wedding, communion, jubilee, christenings … occasion to give relatives a nice invitation is still very much. Of course – nowadays many people choose a digital form of invitations, or just a phone call. However, it is not worth rejecting the paper version – it is not enough that guests will enjoy it, it can become an interesting souvenir.

When writing an invitation, it’s worth following a few rules that will allow us not to commit faux-paux:

A neat introduction

At the very beginning of the invitation, it’s a good idea to start with an elegant introduction. Typical phrases that are worth using here are “we are happy to invite you”, “we have the honor to invite” etc.

How to address the guest?

It all depends on the relationships that connect us. Invitations in business relations often require the use of a form of yours or a scientific title. Private celebrations are occasions in which it will be best to use the guests’ first and last names. However, if the relationship is very close (eg with parents), it is allowed to refine the return (to eg “mama”, “dad”).

Short, succinct and on the subject

The invitation should be as short as possible. Explain what his goal is (“we have the honor to invite [name and surname] a wedding / baptism / birthday etc.). Unnecessary details will only bring chaos.

Time and place of the event

It’s an obligatory element. Provide the exact time and place where the ceremony will take place.

Request for confirmation

Usually in invitations you are asked to confirm your presence at the party. It often happens, however, that by handing out invitations to guests, we are already getting information whether they will appear. Nevertheless, it is worth adding a similar mention to the text.

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