Completion of the BA thesis. What should it contain?

It is commonly claimed that in writing a diploma the most difficult is the beginning – then writing is easier and easier. It turns out, however, that the students are increasingly more difficult to summarize their publication, and therefore a neat completion of the BA or MA thesis. We advise you on how to write them out by exhausting the topic.

Completion of the BA thesis – what do you need to know?

The end of the diploma thesis is nothing more than a summary of the course of work and the conclusions we draw from it. It should not be lengthy, but only generally cover what the diploma thesis showed. The completion of the BA thesis is part of the sub-chapter taking into account the research conclusions.

The length of the end of the Bachelor’s or diploma thesis may be varied depending on the requirements of the university, however, the most common size is 2-3 pages of typescript.

The ending of the diploma thesis

You should start the end of the work by recalling its goals and research hypotheses set at the very beginning – so as to compel the reader to reflect on the problem being addressed. Then, go to the commentary on previously presented proposals. The ending is a second thesis of work, but it should not differ from the one set at the very beginning.

The last part should be given an emotional appeal to the reader, taking into account your hopes (eg the usefulness of the conclusions coming from the work), or concerns.

What should be avoided?

Although the end of the BA thesis is the part where you can afford the most of your own inventiveness and subjectivity, avoid long-winded descriptions and haughty tone. This section should force the reader to reflect on your work, leaving a certain amount of insufficiency. The best completion of the diploma theses is as concise as possible.

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