Bachelor’s and master’s thesis title page

In addition to what we will do in the diploma thesis, we should also pay attention to its correct arrangement. The first impression is also important – the aesthetics of the Bachelor’s thesis or the diploma thesis can affect the assessment of people examining you. Failure to meet the layout requirements may also mean that your work will not be allowed to the next stage. Today, a few words about how to properly, but also aesthetically design the first page of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

Bachelor’s title page. What should be in it?

Although each of the universities usually offers students one, own model of the title diploma thesis, they have some common elements everywhere.

At the very beginning there should be a full name of the university, as well as the name of the faculty where you study. Below, indicate the field of study and its specialization (if applicable). These elements should usually be centered.

The next elements are the student’s first and last names, under which the album number (index) should be placed. Like the previous part, student data should be listed in the middle of the page.

then, give the full title of your diploma thesis. Under it, please indicate the extent to which this publication applies (in this case: “BA thesis”).

In the lower right corner of the Bachelor’s thesis page, put information about the promoter.

The last element is the “place and date” section placed at the very end of the page and centered. This information only comes down to giving the year of defense of the job and its place.

Title page of the master’s thesis

The rules for constructing the title page of the master’s thesis are identical as in the case of a lower degree. The difference is only to indicate that the publication concerns defense at the second level of studies, and so enter under the title “master thesis”.

Title page: does the font matter?

Uniform font, paragraphs and margins are details that positively affect the receipt of the diploma thesis. Although students take different approaches to unwritten rules, in the case of the title page you can not afford to make concessions. The safest way is when you use the standard Times New Roman font, size 12. Choose a leading level of 1.5. These simple treatments will make the title page of your work look aesthetically and transparently.

Note: the information on the title page of the BA thesis should be written in capital letters.

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